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At Emory we have Minyan on Monday, Thursday & Shabbat mornings. Here are the other local Minyanim; they are about 2 Miles from Emory's campus.

Congregation Beth Jacob

Shacharit is held in two locations; in the Daily Chapel at 7:00am* in the Kollel Bais Medrash 7:30am *Please note that on Monday and Thursday and when Rosh Chodesh falls on a weekday this Minyan begins 10 minutes earlier.

Netzah Israel (Sephardic)

Shacharit during the week 7:00am

Congregation Ner Hamizarach (Sephardic)

Shacharit during the week at 8:00am

New Toco Shul

Featuring Atlanta’s only Vatikin Minyan

NTS is an intellectually vibrant, family friendly Orthodox synagogue. We are founded on the ideas that every individual has unique abilities and perspectives, that we are obligated to share our talents with others, and that our community is strongest when our members contribute to its success and well-being. Our rabbinic and lay partners work together to provide a platform for sophisticated and nuanced Torah, reflective and meaningful Tefillah, and supportive and enriching Gemilut Chassadim.

Chabad @ Emory Minyan

Friday @ 7:30pm
Shabbat morning @ 11:00am

Congregation Ohr HaTorah

Shachrit during the week early Minyan 6:40am second Minyan 7:40am
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