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A Jewish student organization at Emory that provides educational, social, and recreational programming for students a and faculty.
Vision and Impact
Our vision is of a modern vibrant center that provides educational, social, and recreational programming for students and faculty. And to convey a compelling, rich and meaningful Judaism that will inspire all who come in contact with it.
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It's our core belief that every individual Jew has an indispensable contribution to make to the totality of the Jewish people.

Can you feel the ( spiritual ) Heat ?
Dancing with one of 36 Torah’s, completed at the Chabad Rabbi’s convention banquet. These Torahs will radiate eternal light from communities around the globe 🌎

This is a visual
Of Positive Global Warming
The literal spread of Light in our world.
The top photo was taken at the Chabad Rabbis conference in 1983
The bottom photo taken today.
It’s not about the Rabbi’s
It’s about the communities they represent
5,600 different pockets of the world
That are actively engaging in
Bettering our world
Thanks to the Rebbe’s vision
Goodness, kindness, morality and Torah values are “trending“
The trajectory of my own family
(In this country for 5 generations)
has been radically impacted by this light.
The prophets of old
must be celebrating the unfolding of these words…
“The knowledge of God will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea”

Learn how to cook Shabbat Dinner in 1 Hour 7-8pm Wednesday Nov 16 - You don’t want to miss this one ...

These salads got ‘dressed’ early for the new ( winter) Shabbat Dinner start time @7:00pm 🔥 Candle lighting in ATL this week 5:19pm ...

It’s always a good day to Bake Challah : #CampRamaTshirtday ...

1 lesson for each strand of our CHALLAH

Elections remind us of this fundamental Jewish idea 💡
My actions matter!
I make a difference!

A moment to capture the raw energy of 1,500 loud & proud Jewish college students celebrating Shabbat together at pegisha shabbaton @chabadoncampus ...

Lech Lecha 🦶The journey within~ requires kicking up lots of dust along the way. #lipskierbluntstonecolab ? ...

Instead of cursing the darkness…We can add LIGHT 🔥 Each student is a loud, proud and knowledgeable candle of blessings for our people & the world.

Changing out the Torah cover from ‘the high holiday white’ to the ‘yearlong evergreen’ is Always a poignant and tangible shifting of gears ⚙️love the visual transition ...

So uplifting to see Jewish Law students from around Atlanta gathering with local attorneys, not just for networking opportunities, but to celebrate Shabbat together! A reminder to all of us that we are here to be a light & shine a light of moral clarity and purpose in this world.
Thank you to @emoryjlsa @thejgsi @emorylaw @chanagreenstein for this beautiful event.

Bringing heaven down to earth & earth up to heaven with song 🎶 dance and unbridled joy - so much to Love this holiday season ! ...

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